A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space Review

A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space Review

What we liked:

+ Low price
+ Great if you want more Keflings

What we didn't like:

- Brings little new to the game
- Playing area feels too small

DEVELOPER: NinjaBee   |   PUBLISHER: NinjaBee   |   RELEASE: 10/26/2011


Keflings in spaaaaaace!

This isn’t going to be a meaty review, but that is because I have little to go on when it comes to the A World of Keflings DLC, It Came from Outer Space.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved A World of Keflings when it came out, check my review if you don’t believe me. It’s just that there is little in the DLC to make it worth buying, unless you absolutely crave more Keflings.

The story involves an alien ship that has crash-landed on an alien planet. You and 2 of your large Kefling friends are there to help them repair the ship. This involves exactly the same process as the main game; send Keflings to collect minerals, use minerals to build stores and factories and then use Keflings to move stuff from place to place, which will allow you to build more fancy stuff. The only real difference is that they are alien Keflings this time around. There are 15 new blueprints to unlock and build, but they are just re-skins of blueprints already in the game.

They have introduced one new game mechanic, radioactive carrots. There are a few factories that are powered by alien animals, which will perform a single, specific job. However, if you build a duplicate animal factory and then feed it a radioactive carrot, it will change colour and roll out a completely different type of produce. It’s a nice touch, but not exactly ground breaking. The levelling system is still in place, meaning that the more your Kefling does a job, the better and faster he gets at it. There are also some robot Keflings that can harvest chemical gems and scavenge for junk, which comes in handy later in the game.

The campaign will last you between two and three hours, but most of that time will be spent waiting for your Keflings to harvest enough minerals to continue building your blueprint. There are also three new Achievements, which you will gain just but progressing through the story.

The map is totally new for the game, but seems smaller than any of the maps in the main game. The space can also feel a bit tight here, especially when you start building duplicate factories.

I did encounter the odd bug, like a bit of screen tearing and occasionally getting stuck in the scenery, but nothing that completely breaks the game You just may need to save and re-load to solve any issues.

Even at its low price, it is difficult to recommend this to even the most hardened Keflings fan. Sure, it is a new map and story, but it is just the same old thing. The DLC lacks the humour of the original game and didn’t have the same affect on me. If you must get your Kefling fix, then this will do the job, but I would recommend waiting until it goes on sale.

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