Resident Evil 6 (XB1) Review

Still not the best Resident Evil, but there’s a lot here for the price.

Ah, the resident Evil series. Everyone knows it in some form or fashion, and for better or worse, the games just keep coming. I actually just recently finished Resident Evil 6 last year for the first time, so coming back to it on the new consoles allows me to give an opinion that is still fresh in my mind. While RE6 wasn’t my favorite entry in the series, I can still see the fun that can be had in it. Along with a slightly updated look, smooth frame rate at 60 frames per second, and all the DLC that released for the game, this “remastered” Resident Evil 6 is actually the one to buy.

Taking place 15 years after the events of Raccoon City, Resident Evil 6 boasts an all-star cast, each with their very own story and campaign. While they intertwine with each other in a few instances, it feels like three very different experiences when looking at them as a single entity. There are three campaigns to play, four if you count the much shorter Ada campaign, that feature Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller. When I say the campaigns are long, I’m talking each story can be its own game. Each story has numerous acts and each story can last up to eight hours. When it’s all said and done, RE6 can last players a good 30 hours and that’s just the story modes. While the game can be played solo, RE6 was designed for co-op. Players can take on the infected both online or local co-op through every story in the game and it works well.


Platforms: PS4, XB1
MSRP: $19.99
Price I’d pay: $19.99

On top of the full story mode, there are multiple other modes that allow both co-op and competitive play. Many of these were released as DLC when the game was originally launched back in 2012. Mercenaries mode is here as well as competitive online modes like Onslaught and Predator. It is a huge pack.

The game itself specializes on action packed storytelling and some rather insane scenes. While I know a lot of the Resident Evil purists dislike the direction Capcom has taken the series, it is still an impressive looking game. There’s a lot going on in these stories, and many set pieces like Leon’s story really bring back that horror aspect that I know and love.

There are some issues I have with the game itself. There are so many different things the player can do while playing like dodging, slides, and other attacks and evasive maneuvers that come in handy. The problem is, the game itself doesn’t tell the player there’re even there, let alone how to pull them off. Randomly, I would dive while playing and have no idea how I did it. It feels like this should be a very complex action game, but it ends up being rather convoluted. On top of that, the controls feel off at times. Like the walking is sluggish when trying to maneuver around the undead. Not to mention, the camera can be all over the place. When my teammate is getting attacked and brought down, the camera automatically shifted to them, so if I was walking or fighting in a certain direction, it then changes where I’m looking at, and ultimately changes my entire thought process, completely messing up what I was doing.


Another issue is the hang ups and bugs that may occur. I was playing co-op with a friend and a scene wouldn’t load so our characters were just stuck in an elevator not being able to move or do anything. When reloading from the last checkpoint, it happened because the game didn’t load the cut scene prior to the action scene so it didn’t know what to do. Small things like that hindered me on a few occasions, but overall, it’s still a decent running game.

Resident Evil 6 is just one of the three Resident Evil games that are re-releasing on the new systems. While still not my favorite in the series, it’s still a fun action game, especially with a buddy going through it with you. Also, for 20 bucks, you’re getting a giant package. A full 25-30 hour campaign, tons of multiplayer modes, and a really solid looking action horror game. The Resident Evil fans should really pick this up even if it isn’t the best game in the series.

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  • Nice frame rate
  • Still looks great
  • Fun co-op experience
  • Tons of content


  • Doesn’t explain game mechanics
  • Some wonky controls
  • A few bugs here and there


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