The Night of the Rabbit (PC) Preview


A charming adventure game full of magic.

I had the opportunity to get a hands-on preview of the upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Night of the Rabbit. It may sound like a comedy horror game from the title, but in reality, it is a hand drawn adventure featuring a boy who wants nothing more than to become a great magician. It just so happens, the last day of summer break from school, he gets the opportunity to do just that.

The young boy, Jerry, discovers a special magical recipe that eventually has him meeting a large talking rabbit named Marquis de Hoto, who takes him away to mystical lands filled with other talking animals and opens up new ways for Jerry to discover and learn magic.

Much like other point-and-click adventure games, players will interact with the environments, talk to other characters and solve puzzles through interactions with the area, and using items in Jerry’s inventory. Anyone who has played a traditional adventure game will feel right at home.

So far from my time with the preview build, the game is very story driven with all voice acted lines executed very well. The puzzles I ran into during my time got a little tricky, but later on, Jerry’s lucky coin can be used somewhat like a hint system that can show him where magic exists on the screen.

You’ve got mail.

The characters, locations, and animations are all hand drawn and look very nice on an HD screen. It is one of the more impressive aspects of the title. It all has a sort of adolescent charm to it that makes it a rather beautiful game in both its visuals and presentation.

I really enjoyed what I played of the preview build. Fans of classic point-and-click adventure games should keep an eye out for Night of the Rabbit. Set for a May 29th release, players interested can get a wonderfully presented experience with a rather charming story full of magic, talking animals and adventure.

Expect my full review of the game when it launches this month.

Preview copy of game provided by publisher.

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