Sanctum 2 (PC) Preview

Sanctum 2 (PC) Preview


Let’s shoot stuff in our tower defense.

I recently got a chance to try out the upcoming sequel to the shooter/tower defense hybrid, Sanctum. The sequel has been in development for a while now, and developer Coffee Stain Studios is hoping to add to the already fun experience with new maps, characters and many other additions.

For anyone that hasn’t played the first Sanctum, the game centers around defending a power core while waves of creatures run from a spawn point to the core. Everything is done within the first-person perspective. During the attack waves, players can shoot enemies with a variety of weapons, and during breaks after each wave, can place blocks and defense turrets that will attack the monsters as they advance.

Where are all the Smurfs?

This time around, Sanctum offers four playable characters, each with their own special abilities and traits. This also transfers over to the online co-op. In Sanctum 2, there can be four players instead of just two. Before taking on a map, players can choose a load out for weapons they have unlocked. Choosing the right weapons for both the situation at hand and your own style is crucial for survival.

After completing a map, players can rank up and unlock new weapons to take into battle. The new character progression is nice and offers more playtime in order to rank up to get the better weapons.

There are certain perks that can be equipped to give them the competitive edge in battle. These can be adding a double jump, faster reload speeds, increased clip sizes and many more. If players find the creatures and map to be too easy for their tastes, they can activate Feats of Strength, which add modifiers to the creatures that can boost health, damage output and much more. The risks are higher but so are the rewards.

Soylent Green is good.

It looks and feels like everything in Sanctum 2 has been improved from the first game. The visuals look rather stunning at times, and the additions to both game play mechanics and the sheer amount of new content is fantastic. New maps, new weapons, new defenses, new monsters and new characters are all here, and really take the series into a new light. There is even a new story mode that explains the interactions of the characters, and their struggle with the defense of the planet.

Again, this is just a taste of what Sanctum 2 has to offer. More content and new maps are always welcome, and a solid shooting mechanic wraps around it in a nice bow. The game is downright fun in both single player and multiplayer, and once the game releases, I can’t wait to see the combinations of perks and modifiers the public can come up with. This is one game both tower defense fans and shooter fans may want to keep an eye out for later on this summer.

Preview copy of game provided by publisher.


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