Mortal Kombat Vita (Hands On)

Mortal Kombat Vita (Hands On)

The PlayStation Vita is quickly becoming a home for premiere fighting games of every color and creed. WB and Netherrealm aren’t going to let the opportunity for on-the-go fatalities.

In my limited time with the game, I had the opportunity to take my main (Johnny Cage) through his paces. The controls are tight, and I was pulling off shadow kicks in no time. After playing a couple of rounds, I moved on to the new minigames.

The Test Your Swipe is a riff on Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja… if that game only featured melons. Get it? Melons are another name for head… ok. Not funny. There is also a Test Your Balance minigame that uses the accelerometer.

Kenshi is a cut above the rest.

Other innovations include the ability to touch the front screen for X-Ray moves and input your fatalities by swiping. This should make it far easier to remember the button input for finishing moves.

There are new additions to the challenge tower, also, including a jab at Marvel vs Capcom 3’s (over)use of touch inputs. It’s almost impossible to fail that one, which makes for some pretty brutal commentary.

The one downside of the game, and this should come as no surprise, is that it doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the console versions. It still makes strong use of the graphical prowess of the handheld… just don’t put the two versions side-by-side.

Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita will arrive on May 1, 2012.

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