Forsaken World Preview

Forsaken World Preview

ReviewPerfect World Entertainment has just released a new free to play MMORPG called Forsaken World. I had the pleasure of beta testing the game and continued playing through its official launch. This is a small preview of what I have experienced in this promising new MMO.

Forsaken World is a 3D MMO that takes place in the mystical world of Eyrda. The world is about to go to war with Dysil, an evil creature created by a god that is determined to destroy the inhabitants of Eyrda. It is up to the races of the world to fight off the evil and protect their home world.

The game plays in typical MMO fashion. You gain experience, learn new abilities, party up with other players, and participate in different instances. If you have played other MMOs, you will feel right at home. Early quests consist of talking to certain NPCs or killing a certain amount of enemies in an area. It’s pretty simple stuff that will help the player learn the controls and get a good feel for the game. The early levels are not too difficult. You can get to level 10 with two to three hours of play, most of which will take place in your race’s starting area. Each player receives a gift every 5 levels that offers up special items that will help you out.

The game features 5 races and a total of 8 classes. Each race and class is unique. So a Human Warrior will have different stats and skill tree boosts than an Elf Warrior. Each race and class has its own unique abilities that change up how the player will progress through the game. An example: A Dwarf Marksman uses Soul Bullets. You can store up to 20 bullets in your gun. Gaining bullets is as simple as using a certain attack that opens a window for a short period of time that allows the marksman to capture souls. Each hit with another special attack will reward the marksman with a soul bullet. Activating your soul bullets will increase attack power and other modifiers. Once out of soul bullets, you can start gaining them again by repeating the same process.

Another example is the Bard class. The bard uses music buff themselves and party members and de-buff enemies. The bard has 3 attacks that produce notes C, D, and E. Depending on which attack you use can result in different music produced. So, if I attack with a C, C, and then D note, it creates a music called Surge. Surge raises my attack power and lasts 20 seconds. While that buff is active, you can continue to attack with other note combinations to activate other buffs.

These special additions to the combat really change up how you play the game. It also keeps the combat fresh, so you’re always keeping track of what’s going on, not just clicking the attack buttons over and over. One of the coolest aspects of the combat is the addition of soulforce attacks. Not only do characters have hit points and mana, they also have soulforce. When your soulforce is full, you can attack with a special item you receive in your starter gift. This attack will drain all your soulforce, but will pretty much destroy any lower level enemy in your path. Reacquiring soulforce is as simple as killing enemies.

There is an extensive job system, as well, in Forsaken World. There are 14 jobs in all, and 3 of those jobs are acquired early on in the game. Jobs can help a player craft things from healing potions to new upgrades for weapons. You will gain job points at certain times while doing the main quest. Using a certain job enough times will level it up and allow for better crafting.

Upgrading and acquiring new gear and weapons is a large aspect of the game. This can be accomplished by completing instances and acquiring star shards and piece shards. Star shards are needed for upgrading your current equipment, and piece shards, such as ruby shards and obsidian shards, are needed for getting new tier gear. All of these can be obtained through questing and certain instances.

Level 20 is where the game really picks up. At level 20, you are introduced to the 3 skill specialization trees, each with stat buffs and extra attack conditions. You are also introduced to your first instances. Most instances are low level, but still require you to be in a party of at least 4 people. There are instances for getting gear, gaining higher levels, and gaining money. One unique instance is the Nightmare Carnival. Here, there is no combat, but rather puzzles that your party must complete to move on. There are also daily quests that can be done a certain amount of times to gain experience and other items. There’s a nice variety that will keep a player busy for a long time.

For those that like to solo or only have a small group of friends, there is a nice feature that allows you and your friends to automatically party up with a group for instances. This feature allows for anyone to join and does a really good job of grouping together same level characters that complement each other’s classes.

Money is handled a little differently in the game. All the money you gain through questing and selling equipment to NPCs is called soul coins. Only NPCs use soul coins. Gold is what can be exchanged between players and used in the auction house. Obtaining gold is a little different. Doing certain instances, and fighting certain enemies will give you gold.

Since the game is free to play, there are small things you can purchase that will help out the player who doesn’t have as much time to play as they would like. There are no special weapons or gear for purchase with real world money. Rather, there are helpers such as a double XP scroll that allows you to gain double experience for a short amount of time, or a large health potion that can be used multiple times to heal. These are all things that will aide you without giving you a competitive edge over other players.

I have not been able to try out the PvP just yet, but from the information that I have gathered, there are duels, party matches and guild fights. When playing on a PvP server, once you hit level 30 and leave a safe zone, you can be attacked at anytime. According to the Forsaken World website, there are plans for an arena form of PvP to be released later.

So far, I have played about 30 hours of the game. I have created a level 20 Dwarf Marksman and a level 24 Elf Bard. I have completed a good number of instances and have joined multiple parties. Everyone I have come across was very helpful and courteous. At level 30, I will be able to form my own guild. The guild system is very extensive. Guilds, once they have enough resources and members, have the ability to create guild bases. Guild bases are a hub of sorts where guild members can gather, take on unique quests and even open up a shop for other players to buy items. I can’t wait to try it out, as well as start up a character in a PvP server.

Forsaken World is really engaging. The combat is nice and keeps players on their toes. The UI is appealing and easy to navigate, and the community is growing everyday. All this content is offered for free. I have to say, if you enjoy a good MMO, you should give Forsaken World a try.

Stay tuned to ZTGD for my full review next month. I’ll go into more detail on guilds; higher level quests and instances; and, of course, all the PvP action you want to know about.


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