Pokémon Silver Version (3DS) Review

Justin Celani

A legacy to catch ‘em all.

Pokémon is a craze that I’ve never been much a part of. I see the appeal, I think the idea of collecting animals with powers sounds cool, and everything from TV shows, movies, and figurines seems to be everywhere. When I was in my younger twenties, I thought perhaps Pokémon was a fad, but here we are, years later, games still being released and even old games being re-released. This is a good time for both fans and newcomers alike. I fall into the realm of being knowledgeable of the franchise but not a hardcore fan.

Dated of course

It’s a bit weird to go back in time and review a game that is not only an older title, but obviously eclipsed in everything from sounds to visuals. Playing this reminded me of the same visual look Earthbound on SNES had. Aspects of the franchise that were showcased here have become staples in the series moving forward. Day to night changing being just one of the many. Core gameplay is what is key here, looking past the dated aesthetics. Playing as a typical style RPG in battle, grabbing, training, and growing the Pokémon to fight against others is the key aspect, and that addictive quality doesn’t change.

MSRP: $9.99
Price I’d Pay: $9.99
How long to beat: 25+ hours

Playing this with nostalgia glasses on is most likely a treat for fans of the old. Playing it myself, it’s a nice throwback and history lesson on just how far the series has come. I’ve played more of the later games in the series than the first games, so as a purely educational experience, I can appreciate it all. Though I won’t lie and say that I’d rather be playing the newer entries as they just provide a better overall experience at this point for me.

Pokémon Silver and Gold are a great way to take a step back and play some of the earlier entries in the series. Even better if players still have their original copies and now can just play it on newer system. It’s not that Pokémon Silver or Gold are bad games, they are essentially what inspired and created everything the series is today. Without changes, without advances in new gameplay mechanics, and refined presentation, who knows if Pokémon would even still be in the gaming market?

Remember the past

I always appreciate when old games are either re-released or brought back to play on the newer consoles. Remakes, when possible, are even better. Here we have two classic entries in the franchise, and for those wanting to take a step back in time and enjoy those fond memories, it’s super easier to give them another shot. For those that never played these before, it’s not necessary as the latest games have the core ideas Silver and Gold showcased years ago, with plenty more added to the new version. Older games can and do get dated, but it’s always nice to see how a long standing franchise evolves, changes, and ultimately how we got to the point we are at today.

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  • Classic gameplay
  • Ease of port access
  • The Pokémon charm


  • Dated
  • Newer entries offer more


Justin Celani

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