Pixel Gear (PSVR) Review

Justin Celani

Take a break, a Pixel break.

It’s once again time for a PS VR review. This time were looking at Pixel Gear. I’d never heard or seen anything about this but I immediately liked the screenshots, I can say that much. While I did enjoy my time with Pixel Gear, it’s extremely limited it what it offers, though there is some reasons for checking it out otherwise if it seems interesting enough.

Score some points

This is an arcade score attack type shooter. It’s all about getting those high scores, netting upgrades, and finishing the wave of enemies. The player is stationary in one spot for each of the three stages. As the waves of enemies continue, the likes of bats, Frankenstein monsters, skeletons, and ghosts come attacking. Some shoot at the player, others rush forward, but overall it’s very easy to see the enemies and where they are coming from in VR and aim appropriately.


MSRP: $10.99
Price I’d Pay: $4.99
How long to beat: 1 hour

Visually, this is what I like the most about the game. It has a very Minecraft pixel like look in both the enemies and environment. Though this comes with a bit of a mixed feeling. I’m not sure what the developers were going for as the enemies are all mostly monster or Halloween like variations of enemy types. Though the environments are something one might find in a fantasy role playing game. Castle and plains. This also adds to the bosses which also have a very fantasy based feel. A Wizard, a stone Golem, and a dragon. Yep it’s a bit odd in this combination, but doesn’t really bother me.

Using a standard gun with unlimited ammo will be the default attack type. As players shoot enemies and also net coins, during each wave they can be used to buy more weapon like a sniper gun or an automatic. These weapons are fun to use and add a little bit of variation in a very routine game. It’s fun to aim and shoot with the move controller and I had almost zero issues with tracking my movements. I mentioned the bosses earlier and they are by far my favorite part of the game. They are huge, get in the players face, and remind me of older arcade shooting games where spots would light up weak points on them.


Pixel Shoot

I can’t say I loved Pixel Gear VR. It works well enough and the shooting mechanics are fun, yet with the limited enemies and levels, I felt the repetition hitting fast and hard. It was the bosses that made me continue to work my way through each of the waves as they were the highlight of my time. The pixel effects of blocks exploding and the visuals work well with VR, but with the short playtime, lack of variation or substance of levels, really brings down the experience.

Did it make me sick: Not at all. The game player stays stationary so little movement issues.

Favorite moment: Definitely the bosses. Big, colorful, and fun to fight.

Worst moment: Wave after wave of repeating enemies with little challenge gets out quick.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.


  • Visuals
  • Shooting
  • Bosses


  • Easy
  • Repeating levels and enemies
  • Short


Justin Celani

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