Zen Pinball 2: South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball (PS4) Review

Chocolate Salty Pinballs.

Zen Studios is at it yet again, adding even more pinball tables to their already robust collection. This time around, they take on the South Park franchise. Now, I knew that if memory served me correctly, there was an actual physical pinball table devoted to South Park, and with further investigation I confirmed that. Of course, Zen wants to put even more into their virtual tables, so on top of all that they created another extra table just for the adorable Butters.

The main South Park table actually goes back to the early years of South Park, where Chef is still alive and kicking, Stan still gets sick and vomits every time Wendy talks to him and Mr. Hankey shows up for more than just Christmas specials.

There is a lot to do on this table.

Platforms: PS4, PS3, 360, XB1, PC, Vita, Wii U
MSRP: $4.99
Price I’d pay: $4.99
Multiplayer: Yes, but just use the leader boards.

The lane game is strong on this table. Multiple shots through the same lane will start up missions that can offer up some high scores. The Mr. Hankey multi-ball changes the balls into poop. I’m not kidding. There are a ton of references and quotes all coming from multiple seasons of the show, and the inclusion of the older season stuff was a nice touch. It’s good to see Mrs. Crabtree and Cheesy Poofs are still thought of.

The Butters table is all about the little guy and the multiple personas he takes on. This includes vampire Butters, Meheecan Butters, and of course, Professor Chaos himself. Each costume has its own missions to take on, and once again, this table is very lane focused and offers up some really good points for the leader boards.

The look of both tables fits very well with the overall feel of the Zen collection. It has some bright, flashy colors and a ton of things going on – sometimes a bit too much. I lost the ball a few times, especially on the South Park table, due to the overall color scheme.

Everyone knows it’s Butters!

Another thing – we all know how vulgar South Park can be, but none of that comes into play with these tables. No cursing, no adult references, just the goofy dialog you’d hear from South Park. That leads me to the biggest problem I had with the table – the sound effects and music. Yes, they are all South Park sounds and voices, but they repeat constantly, and the high pitched voices of the kids worked on my nerves to the point I muted my TV while playing the tables.

Aside from those two problems, the new South park tables are actually very well done. I enjoy a table that is easy to pick up and play, and the lane layout and mission structure make them a blast to play. Zen Studios does some great work with their pinball tables, and these two are no exception. If you’re looking for even more pinball in your life, these are some good ones to add to the collection, just keep in mind, you may want to turn the volume down unless you enjoy being annoyed.

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  • Fun layouts
  • Old school South Park references
  • Well balanced tables
  • Overly busy color scheme
  • Annoying dialog and sounds
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