Nidhogg 2 (PC) Review

Justin Celani

New look, same game.

I’d heard a lot about Nidhogg, from the simplistic graphics to the simple yet intense gameplay. I sadly never played it before Nidhogg 2. So coming into this latest iteration, I had no idea exactly what to expect. I could see the visuals had changed quite significantly, but was the core gameplay changed or modified? How does it even play? All these questions and more popped into my head, and I’d get more answers than expected even if not planned entirely.

Tug o’ war

After a few minutes with Nidhogg 2, I was starting to get a clear picture on just what this game was about. From jumping online and playing with another player, or going through the arcade mode, one thing is certain, this is a simple game that most people can easily pick up and play. Controlling the character is as simple as moving left or right, jumping, attacking, and moving forward to the next screen.

MSRP: $19.99
Price I’d Pay: $12.99
Multiplayer: 2
How long to beat: 1+ hour

Again, it sounds simple, and in a lot of ways it is. Yet there is a certain finesse required to be a master at this, and it can lead to some intense back and forth moments. As players defeat the opponent, they are given time to move towards their objective, which is making it to the end of numerous screens. If defeated, the enemy moves towards their screen. This causes a tug of war back and forth to see how far a player can get.

Playing the arcade mode is rather simple and an easy way to train. It won’t take most more than 30 minutes or so depending on skill level. It’s bare bones, and expect no story or anything else that might accompany a regular game’s arcade experience. It’s a glorified training mode. Once finished, it’s the online realm or couch co-op that will offer the most replayabilty. Battles can turn deadly in a second or last a minute plus. The idea of fighting with stances high, mid, and low, along with jumping and throwing weapons, it’s frantic fantastic fun.

Well it looks different

So as I stated, I never played the first before the second. Yet by chance, I went to a local group gathering and played the first for a little bit after all my time with part 2. I got to see the difference in visual style and gameplay. This is where a little bit of the magic was removed from my eyes. Let me be clear, Nidhogg 2 is a great experience and offers the same awesome moments the first game does. Though this is where I feel it might be disappointing for some, especially returning players.

The visual style is going to be a love or hate affair. I walked away really enjoying the visuals, and would love to see more games with this odd Claymation, obscure style. Yet the gameplay, for better or worse, seems to be almost the exact same. I couldn’t really tell much of a difference between the two other than new backgrounds, new visuals, and new sound and music. I feel like a sequel should usually try to mix things up a bit or do more, but Nidhogg 2 feels like a safe bet. More of the same and just a different look. For newcomers, it’s no worries, for fans, it could be a slight disappointment. It’s still a fun and frantic game, and that quality shines throughout, regardless of walking the same line as the first.

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  • New visuals
  • Easy to pickup
  • Multiplayer


  • No major additions
  • Arcade mode


Justin Celani

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