Warner Bros. Announces Infinite Crisis

I know what you are all thinking, “What we all really need is another MMO based upon superheroes”. Well guess what, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has your back, as they announce a brand new MOBO game based upon the DC Comics universe.

Infinite Crisis will bring together alternative superheroes from many of DC Comics‘ multiverses, such as Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman. Of course, the standard versions of all of your favorite superheroes will be on the bill as well.

Debut Trailer

“We are thrilled to bring Infinite Crisis, a truly competitive experience featuring the DC Comics lore and characters, to the MOBA genre,” said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Turbine is a pioneer in online gaming and combined with the amazing world of DC Comics, they are executing on a game concept that expands the MOBA genre.”

The game is set for release this year on PC.

John Whitehouse

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