Two More Fighters for Dead or Alive 5

Today, Team Ninja announced that Lei Fang and Zack will be making a return to the DOA fray in DOA5. Along with this announcement is a small video showing off the two characters.

Here’s a description of both characters:

Lei Fang, also known as “The Tai Chi Quan Genius,” is widely recognized as a master of T’ai Chi Quan. As a girl who grew up in a wealthy family, she is a woman of justice and bears a very independent spirit, but is also spunky, intelligent and cheerful. Lei Fang trains to defeat Jann Lee, who once saved her from harm. Her strengths lie in T’ai Chi Quan holds which use her opponent’s power, and attacks from “Sabaki” and “Inashi” parries.

Zack, also known as “The Crazy Climber”, is a funky DJ with a positive attitude and a very original sense of style. An over the top fighter, he joins the Dead or Alive tournaments for money and fame. He has incredible fighting instincts, and taught himself Muay Thai just by imitation. His unorthodox style of Muay Thai has become so unconventional that no one can predict what comes next.

We also have a brand new trailer and a bevy of screens. Enjoy.

Drew Leachman

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