Tomb Raider Survivor Trailer

Today we bring you yet another exciting gameplay trailer for one of 2013’s most anticipated games. Tomb Raider is set to release in March, and as more and more info leaks out, we get more excited for the game. The latest trailer is called ‘Survivor’ and once again shows just how gorgeous Crystal Dynamics latest is shaping up to be.

Shipwrecked on an island off the coast of Japan, Lara Croft began armed with nothing more than her wits and will to live. Forced to forage for food and defend herself from hostile natives, Lara is forever changed when her friends are captured and she realizes she is the only one who can save them. Pushed to the limits of human fortitude, Lara knows that if she doesn’t survive, none of them will. Watch Lara transition from “survival” to “survivor” in the new trailer.

Survivor Trailer

Ken McKown

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