The ZTGD 2012 Game of the Year List

Phew! 2012 is finally behind us, and what a year it has been. We managed to survive the end of the world, the Olympics and even the final Twilight film. We also managed to get through the year without KillerWolverine imploding from game rage, which is a surprise considering all of the fighting game beatings he took from ZeroTolerance.

Those of you who listen to the N4G Radio Podcast will already know what the team thought of the year, and what games left the biggest impressions on them. But for those that didn’t, or for those that want to hear what we are looking forward to in 2013, here is the ZTGD team’s Game of the Year 2012.

Dave ‘BoxDP’ Payerle

Top Ten:
1. Borderlands 2
2. The Walking Dead
3. Torchlight II
4. Far Cry 3
5. Mark of the Ninja
6. Darksiders II
7. Hitman: Absolution
8. Diablo III
9. Minecraft
10. Miracle Mask

Honorable Mentions
Mini Ninjas Adventures
Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion
Dance Central 3
Skylanders Giants

Steel Battalion
RE 6
Kingdoms of Amalur
MOGA (lack of universal support)
Diablo III (loot/auction house)

What am I looking forward to in 2013?
For 2013 the game that I’m looking forward to the most is South Park: The Stick of Truth. With the show’s creators are working on it, if the game is solid and captures the feel of the show it could be a lot of fun. Most of what I am excited for this year is learning more about the new consoles and how Sony and Microsoft will position themselves going into launch. With both expected to launch in 2013 there will be a lot of points for direct comparison as each fights for consumer dollars. It will be interesting to see how necessary each company thinks things like digital distribution and backwards compatibility are to their success, and what price points they shoot for. That battle, plus more time to assess the Wii U’s long-term viability should make 2013 very interesting.

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