EA E3 Press Conference

After Microsoft’s decent conference came EA’s.

There weren’t that many surprises, except one… The UFC license has now been brought up by EA, poor THQ! After the lackluster MMA game, this was really the only move EA could make, and judging by the applause from the audience, it was definitely the right one. There was no game footage, just the announcement, so you can probably expect an early 2013 release window.

Another nice surprise was the appearance of Sim City, both in it’s PC guise and that of Sim City Social, a new Facebook game due out in the next few weeks. No doubt following a similar path to that of The Sims Social, Sim City Social will require help from your friends to build the biggest city. Sim City however will bring a whole new lick of paint to the classic game. The structure will be the same, but the way in which you can develop and interact with your creation will be some that has never been seen before in the franchise. Certainly looks interesting.

One of the demos on show that got the crowd going was Dead Space 3. The level played showed some co-op action with Issac and his new buddy. First set in some kind of factory, with the other set outside in the daylight, in snowy terrain. Justin mentioned how much the environment and monsters reminded him of Lost Planet.

Although a game from last year, Battlefield 3 made an appearance, along with the official announcement of Battlefield 3 Premium. The premium service will set you back $49.99 and include early access to new maps, new weapons and game modes. Seems a lot like Call of Duty Elite to me. The Premium service is available to buy now on PS3, with the PC and Xbox service starting next week.

Star Wars: The Old Republic also made an appearance. Dr. Ray came on stage and announced that as of July everyone will be able to play for free, up to level 15. They are also going to update the game with a new planet, new species and higher level caps.

FIFA 13 was also back on show after it’s appearance in the Microsoft event. They elaborated on the some of the new features, including improved game mechanics, the ability to carry over your level stats from FIFA 12 and a new mobile app to help you keep track of your game.

Crysis 3 was front and center.

As you would expect, both Crysis 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter both had levels shown, but neither seemed to ignite any feelings from me. If you are going to show off your FPS, take a leaf out of the Call of Duty book and make it a money shot moment.

The final piece of icing on the EA cake was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Made by Critereon, they have taken an existing NFS game and made it their own. The level played was a mix of openworld racing and the style of gameplay that only Critereon can bring to a racer. It looked damn fine and seems to be a step in the right direction for that series. The game will improve on the Autolog system and create an overall leaderboard with you and your friends.

John Whitehouse

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