Team Ninja Thanks the Fans

To celebrate the release of their acclaimed fighting game Dead or Alive 5, Team Ninja has released the fifth, and final episode of Fighter Chronicles. In this final episode, the famed development team offers its heartfelt thanks to the fans who have supported the series during the extended period between full releases. As Team NINJA expresses in the video, DOA5 is in many ways a love letter to these dedicated fans – the competitive gamers and the loyal enthusiasts who’ve championed the series in their tournaments, who’ve created countless video tributes, and who ultimately leant their voices to development of the game. For this generous and genuine support, Team NINJA offers its profound gratitude in this captivating video.

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 incorporates a wealth of martial arts fighting techniques into its distinctive fighting style to create a captivating new generation of DEAD OR ALIVE combat. Players will once again take on the roles of the legendary cast of DOA fighters in an action-packed brawler set in visually striking locations from around the world. The famed DEAD OR ALIVE hand-to-hand combat unfolds in new 3D stages that dynamically change as the fight progresses. The game’s sterling cast includes not only stars from the DOA series but also select fighters from the iconic Virtua Fighter series.

Fighter Chronicles Episode 5

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