New Sleeping Dogs DLC Announced

Square Enix have announced a bunch of new DLC packs for the fantastic Sleeping Dogs.

Most of the packs consist of mainly costumes and vehicles, however one adds a new story to the game, one that follows on from the main game.

Year of the Snake sees Wei Shen rejoin the HKPD as they try to solve the mystery of an end of the world cult who are ‘cleansing’ the city of evil.

There are no dates confirmed for the packs as yet, but here is a list of the forthcoming DLC.

Year of the Snake
Movie Masters Pack
Wheels of Fury
Law Enforcer Pack
Monkey King Pack

Also, don’t forget that Sleeping Dogs will be the PS+ game of the month this month on PSN. For those who live in Europe anyway.

John Whitehouse

News Editor/Reviewer, he also lends his distinct British tones to the N4G Radio Podcast. When not at his PC, he can be found either playing something with the word LEGO in it, or TROPICO!!!

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