New Gears of War to be Announced at E3

Could it possibly be that Microsoft are so short of first party titles at this years E3 (again!), that they have had to beg Epic to knock out another Gears of War game?

Well, I think so! Game Informer will be running the new game of their forthcoming magazine (see below), which is quite obviously a new Gears of War game. What exactly this game will be is a mystery, but you can bet your bottom dollar that more information will be released at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

With the last game less than a year old, is it too soon for another gears announcement? Is this the only card they have to play at E3? All will be answered next week.

Is this a prequel?

John Whitehouse

News Editor/Reviewer, he also lends his distinct British tones to the N4G Radio Podcast. When not at his PC, he can be found either playing something with the word LEGO in it, or TROPICO!!!

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