Could Sony Be About to Unveil the Playstation 4?

Sony put up a mysterious trailer last night, one that may point towards the announcement of their next gen console.

The video, which can be seen below, features the now iconic Sony Playstation symbols and ends with a date, 20.02.2013. Although there is no mention of a console launch, it seems hard to imagine that this would be anything else. The Wall Street Journal have already stated that they believe this to be the start of the next gen battle.

It was only a week ago when Sony’s CEO, Kaz Hirai, went on record to say that Sony were going to wait to see what Microsoft does before announcing the next Playstation. Was that just a big ruse to unsettle the competition, who knows? But we do know that this mystery will be revealed on February 20th at 6pm EST (11pm GMT).

John Whitehouse

News Editor/Reviewer, he also lends his distinct British tones to the N4G Radio Podcast. When not at his PC, he can be found either playing something with the word LEGO in it, or TROPICO!!!

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