Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Out Now

The first DLC pack for Black Ops 2 is now available to download, and as usual, is an Xbox 360 timed exclusive.

The Revolution DLC pack includes 4 new multiplayer maps, a new zombie map and a new zombie game mode.

“Revolution is packed with a ton of fun,” said Mark Lamia, Treyarch’s Studio Head. “We worked incredibly hard to deliver the most expansive DLC offering in our studio’s history: from four maps in exciting and dynamic new locations like skate parks and ski slopes, to being able to play as a zombie, and a new bonus weapon in multiplayer – Revolution is a wild ride, and we’re excited for Call of Duty fans to start playing.”

The pack is available now for 1200msp, or part of the Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

John Whitehouse

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