MotoGP 14 (PS4) Review

Addicted to speed.

Moto GP 14 is a racing game featuring motorbikes. It’s a franchise that has been established over time and caters to fans of the live sport, offering plenty of options to choose from. Is there room for newcomers to jump into the series and enjoy all the content? Let’s get on the bike, hit the tracks and find out.

The first thing that hits the players upon boot up is the menu, which features a ton of different game modes. From single races, time events, real life historic races and more, content is something that shines bright in MotoGP 14. With the game being endorsed, players get recreations of their favorite tracks, real life footage of riders and the list goes on. If they didn’t know anything about the sport before, they might feel a tad intimidated, but there is also a lot to learn and grasp.

For some reason this screenshot fills my brain with Kenny Loggins.

MSRP: $59.99
Platforms: PS4, 360, PS3, PC, Vita
Time to beat: 20+ hours
Multiplayer: 1-2 local, 12 player online.
Price I would pay: $49.99

It’s not exactly the most easy to get into racer, but there’s lots of content at the finger tips and thankfully the game does include a tutorial mode, which is appreciated.

Graphically the game shines on the PS4, and while it retains a very simplistic and realistic look, it has a very effective real feel to it. The roar of the engines sound great and the visual cues for turning are there like in other racing games. Music is there but it feels like filler; nothing that stands out and nothing memorable. The meat and potatoes of the audio department come from the sound of the engines and the roar of the wind, which is used to great effect. Overall, core mechanics and game play definitely keep in line with other racers released as of the last few years. Yet MotoGP 14 isn’t an arcade racer by any means.

Physics and handling are all very realistic here, with the slightest bump or getting off course throwing players off their bike. Players with little to no experience with these simulation titles are going to be in for a rough time. Falling off the bike repeatedly, learning how to lean into the turns, and using all the different options at their disposal for not only winning the race, but simply staying on their bike. Newcomers can expect frustration. The controls are just fine, but combined with the physics, velocity, and the way the terrain affects the bike, there are a ton of variables to manage while racing, and that can prove overbearing.

Poppin’ wheelies cause I can.

I’ve tried a lot of new genres this year that I’m not exactly an expert at, and MotoGP 14 is no exception. I literally suck at it. I can’t grasp the controls very well; I’ve tried to win multiple racers and failed. Yet each time I played another track, I did just a bit better. This kept me playing more, but it’s a frustrating experience that instills a sense that this game is catered to the hardcore fans of the sport and series.

It’s not to say that MotoGP 14 can’t be appreciated for what it offers, which is a lot of content, but it simply isn’t for everyone. Fans of the sport and franchise have a lot great modes to look forward to, with not only single player races but multiplayer also. Newcomers, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into and are willing to invest the time, you’ll be racing like the pros with ease.

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  • Official Endorsed
  • Lots of content
  • Realistic handling
  • Lacking a decent soundtrack
  • Extremely steep learning curve
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