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This new generation of consoles is quickly becoming a breeding ground for bringing the best experiences from previous machines to the new ones. This also gives new players a chance to check out titles they may have missed that are definitely worth playing. Metro Redux is the epitome of that idea. Developer 4A Games has compiled their two post-apocalyptic shooters into one neat package for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, packed with all the released DLC, retooled experiences and of course the lush visuals both titles were known for. This is one set that gamers should definitely not miss.

I reviewed both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light when they first released, and was enthralled by the unique narrative they offered. I was excited to return to the Metro and see how things had changed, especially considering I played the first game on Xbox 360, which definitely did not showcase the incredible engine 4A had crafted.

Hope you brought long underwear.

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC
MSRP: $49.99
Price I’d pay: $49.99
Length: Well over 30 hours to see it all
Multiplayer: N/A

Metro Redux is gorgeous in a sad, depressing kind of way. Never have rusty train tracks and damp tunnels been so amazing to look at. Bringing both titles to the new consoles, as well as high-end PCs, really showcases the engine. Not to mention 2033 receiving a brand new coat of paint, although it still pales in comparison to Last Light in many areas. I spent the bulk of my time playing on PS4 and the frame rate was rock solid almost the entire time. This is the kind of game that screams for screenshots. The locales can be memorable, and seeing them the way the developer intended on new hardware is such a treat.

4A Games has also crammed in all of the released DLC for both games. Last Light definitely benefits more as it is packed with new missions including the Developer Pack, which gives players access to all of the weapons at a firing range, as well as a museum showing off the impressive character and enemy models. There are lots of nice touches like that, and combined with the lengthy campaign of both games, this package is an outright steal at the price.

Content and visuals are not the only changes to the Metro package. 4A also retooled both games to allow for different play styles. Metro 2033 was more of a survival horror game, while Last Light felt more like a shooter with horror elements. Before starting a new game, I could now choose my play style. I could opt for Survival, which limited resources and ammo, and focused more on stealth game play, or Spartan, offering more ammo and more focus on shooting. It is great being able to choose how I wanted to experience both games, especially for anyone who felt Last Light deviated too much from the original.

There are also extended levels and areas that expand on the lore. The Metro series is a wild twist of post apocalyptic survival and supernatural occurrences. I loved going back and exploring more of it. Not to mention the end of the first game and its insane conclusion.

He swears he isn’t compensating.

There are a few hiccups in this otherwise stellar package though. The first is the pacing of the first game, which still feels awkward at times. The difficulty, even on normal, can also test my patience still. Enemies take far too many bullets considering there is such a lack of them. I was also upset that I had to completely close the game to switch titles. Sure it isn’t an issue for most, but when swapping back and forth for the review, it became tedious always having to go back to the dashboard to switch to the other game.

Metro Redux is an outstanding package that includes two engrossing titles that not a lot of gamers bothered to check out. Those starving for games to play on the new consoles owe it to themselves to check out this package before the fall rush gets into full swing. The journey through the Metro is more than worth the price of admission, plus the visuals are great at showcasing the new hardware. I am really looking forward to what 4A Games has in store next.

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  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Gorgeous visuals
  • Great storytelling
  • Packed with content


  • First game still has pacing issues
  • Having to reset to switch games


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