Mega Coin Squad (XB1) Review

Coin collector extraordinaire.

I never thought we would be surrounded by games that harken back to retro graphics as much as we are today. Yet every other week or so there seems to drop a new indie title that tries to grasp at what some of us used to play, rekindling those memories of an older generation and sparking interest for new players. Simple, easy to get into, and with a retro pixel look, Mega Coin Squad is here to offer you a little bit of coin grabbing action that might get players in a competitive spirit.


MSRP: $14.99
Price I’d Pay: $5.00
Multiplayer: N/A
How long to beat: 2 hours

The idea behind Mega Coin Squad is simple. Collect coins littered upon an open area level, with random designs and structures that fade into and out of existence, all while dodging or destroying enemies. Do players grab as many coins as possible before running to the piggy bank in the middle of the map, risking getting hit and losing them all, or waste time running to the pig every few coins? That would be the biggest risk/reward players will discover.

In single mode, players are presented with a small world map that presents a few challenges, each getting harder and harder to progress as more enemies and coins are presented. Each level also has 3 extra specific criteria to meet, and doing so nabs diamonds that players can use to do random drawing at the end of the level to unlock perks like double jumping, better damage for the weapon pickups, or bonus stats. This helps make the characters a bit more fun to play with. Multiplayer is local only, and lets four players blast each other while collecting coins to see who can grab the most. While this mode does bring insanity and fun, actually requiring friends to play and not having an online option is a bummer, as otherwise this could be a fun little game to play every once in a while.


Ultimately Mega Coin Squad isn’t a bad game, nor is it a memorable game. It’s something to pass the time on for a few minutes. The idea of getting faster times in getting coins by yourself can only take you so far and without friends, the game is simply too short, and too limited to offer anyone playing longer then an hour or so. If you’re looking for fun game to play with others, this might provide it in small doses. Yet in a game that wants players to save every coin, you might want to do that before deciding if you want to spend yours.

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  • Pixel look
  • Platforming
  • Local MP is fun
  • Weak single player mode
  • No online play
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