Mega Coin Squad (PC) Review

Jae Lee

Is this Steam or the App store?

Simplicity in itself is no crime.

In fact, managing to appear as such on the surface while hiding layers of depth within is an art form onto itself.

However, in the case of Mega Coin Squad, it hides no such intrigue and manages to be nothing more than a short, forgettable diversion, which feels like a port of a mobile game without actually being one.

Feed the piggy all of that not really that hard-earned coins to win the game.

MSRP: $11.99
Platforms: PC
Multiplayer: Local only
Demo Availability: N/A
Length: 1-2 hours

As the title of the game suggests, the only real objective is to collect a bunch of coins.

Progress is linear, even though it’s presented in an over world of sorts like those found in the classic Mario Bros games.

Entering a stage shows a counter on how many coins must be collected and fed to the piggy bank in order to proceed to the next stage. The levels are procedurally generated, but are always a single screen with certain small areas with coins phasing in and out with different ones after a certain amount of time.

After grabbing a bunch of coins off a small area only to see it disappear and reappear as another I saw ten times before was a common experience, and it took little to no skill or creative thinking in order to grab the coins I required to end the level.

There are few final stages in each area which required killing a bunch of enemies instead of collecting coins, but they ended up being just as uninteresting as the typical coin collection objective.

While there were multiple characters to choose from, they all shared the same move sets with only the slightest of differences, which led me to believe that it was more or less a skin selection and nothing more.

Fortunately, there were side objectives to meet in order to gather upgrade points to use, which spiced things up a little. Given how impactful each unlock/upgrade felt, it had me gunning to achieve the side objectives whenever I could (even though they were the same every time.)

Upgrading isn’t straightforward and requires a bit of timing to get what you want.

There were only sixteen short stages to tackle, most of which could be completed easily in less than four minutes. As there isn’t even online multiplayer, those without the means to get local multiplayer games going could see all this game has to offer in just over an hour, or perhaps even less.

At the time of writing this review, there is no price point for this title so I can’t say whether or not the content available here is justified by the price point, but anything more than $5 would be asking for far too much.

As I was playing through Mega Coin Squad, I felt as though I was playing a free game I downloaded off the App store on my phone while I was bored on the toilet. Why I felt that way isn’t entirely clear but in that scenario, I would’ve most likely deleted the game from my phone as I was flushing the toilet.

Fun Tidbit – The PC market is absolutely stacked with amazing action platformers. Because of that fact, the standards for a worthwhile experience on this platform is extremely high.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.


  • Upgrading skills and weapons


  • Monotonous and overly simple game play
  • Boring procedurally generated level designs
  • Super short
  • No online multiplayer


Jae Lee
Jae has been a gamer ever since he got a Nintendo when he was just a child. He has a passion for games and enjoys writing. While he worries about the direction gaming as a medium might be headed, he's too busy playing games to do anything about it.
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