Thunder Combo In The New Killer Instinct Trailer

Thunder Combo In The New Killer Instinct Trailer
All hail to the chief.

So many combos, so little time. Today MS sent over a brand new trailer for Killer Instinct featuring a look at Chief Thunder’s combos, as well as a tease at the next character. Stick around after the trailer ends to see who it might be.

Press Release

Double Helix Games and Microsoft Studios today unveiled a new trailer for “Killer Instinct” featuring the powerful combo moves of the recently announced character Thunder. Officially introduced at gamescom 2013, the classic tomahawk-wielding warrior shines in the minute-long video which showcases his action-packed Awesome, Extreme, and Master Combos against Jago. Thunder is a hard-hitting grappling character with powerful strikes, aggressive special moves and a devastating command grab.

Be sure to watch until the end of the trailer for a tease of an upcoming reveal…

Available this November exclusively for Xbox One, “Killer Instinct” is built on the HEX Engine from Double Helix Games, and introduces a revisited and reborn combat system, new characters and a brand new storyline for the new generation of gaming.

“Killer Instinct” will launch with a free trial that lets you start the fight with one free character. Additional characters will be available for purchase, starting at $4.99 / 3.99 Pounds / 4.99 EURO each. Fans eager to access multiple characters at once can save on special character packages:

  • Combo Breaker Pack. Save 50% instantly by purchasing the Combo Breaker Pack (the first eight characters – six at launch and then early access to the other two new characters before their official release) for just $19.99 / 16.99 Pounds / 19.99 EURO.
  • Ultra Edition. For the best value, get the Ultra Edition for $39.99, which includes the first eight characters, accessories packs and costumes, plus the original “Killer Instinct” arcade game.
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