New Risen 2 Booty

New Risen 2 Booty

So, a little birdie mentioned to me that Risen 2 is almost here. In fact thieves in the night are delivering it around the world for PC by the end of this month. With that said I also discovered a treasure trove of new booty, err media for the game. Today we bring you four new trailers and some gorgeous screenshots that will prepare you for the drunken good times you will be having with the game very soon. Be sure to stay tuned for our reviews for both PC and console once the game arrives, for now feast on these.

[jwplayer config=”Age Gate” mediaid=”22512″]

[jwplayer config=”Age Gate” mediaid=”22513″]

[jwplayer config=”Age Gate” mediaid=”22515″]

[jwplayer config=”Age Gate” mediaid=”22516″]

Ken McKown

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