N4G Radio 2/18/2013

A week of revelations and anticipations the way only the N4G Radio boys can deliver.


Ken McKown
Jason Gambrel
Drew Leachman
Dave Payerle

Games Covered:

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Hitman HD Collection
Omerta: City of Gangsters
Generation of Chaos
Alien Breed Trilogy
And more…

Running Time:

1:55:06 (55 MB)

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  1. If you guys weren’t so ignorant, I would tell you exactly how to get your site qualified. The problem with E3 qualification isn’t who you are or what you’ve done, it’s about the process. Our site was denied and later accepted when I showed them what was wrong with their process. You guys are crying fowl and pointing fingers at HHG when you SHOULD be figuring out exactly why they denied you and fix the problem. Instead of being professional adults, you’ve resorted to ‘firing shots’ at HHG which is childish and ignorant and has nothing to do with you getting denied. Everyone I know who was denied and later took my advice got approved. Cry me a river and grow up!

    • While I understand the frustration, I also point out that we have tried to figure it out. It was also a frustration from one person, so generalizing also isn’t going to help your cause. I have done this twice in a row and been declined because their systems are archaic. Dave had a frustration about the state of an industry, which in fairness is broken. Be careful when you generalize as well.

      • I don’t have a cause. Like I said, if you guys hadn’t said the things you did during this podcast, I would tell you exactly what to say to get approved. I like helping small sites like mine that get the shaft. We are all in this together right? However, you used this denial as an excuse to talk shit about @hiphopgamer who has actually made a career out of this. Something we all wish to do. I have no issue with your podcast or what you say, however, if you are going to point fingers, expect fingers to be pointed back at you.

        • No that is not what happened, we pointed fingers at the E3 board, at least that was my understanding. Dave mentioned HHG because of the past comments and frustration. I have spoken with HHG about this, and he agreed to talk to us about these things. I have tried to be together with the small community of sites, the problem is that unless you have a hook, you are ignored. Unless you stir something up, you are nobody, and that is where the frustration emerged from.

          We made our peace with HHG, and I don’t think calling us ignorant is taking the high road on anything.

          • “the problem is that unless you have a hook, you are ignored. ”

            That is so far from the truth. All it takes is good, unique, content! You don’t need a hook, you just need to work hard and build a fanbase. I called you ignorant because you don’t know why you were denied and came up with reasons why you think HHG was accepted into E3 and the ECA. Those reasons that you brought up on your podcast were 100% incorrect. That is why I called you ignorant. Was I wrong?

          • No you are wrong, “I” didn’t say that. I know why we were denied, and there is nothing I can do about it. The metric system they use has false data on our site, they don’t allow you to reply and fight their claims. What can I do? The question to HHG was posed by Dave, he showed frustration. That isn’t ignorance on our part, just a lashing.

            Like I said we talked to HHG, we are going to have a sit down with him to discuss the issues that led to the lash out, but at no point did we point fingers at him as the reason we were denied. As for not having to have a hook, we have been around 10+ years, had original content, but yet I bet you hadn’t heard of us until this so-called controversy?

            Man I am not trying to fight, I think we should all be together in this, but any attempts by us to ever do that have been ignored on many levels. Frustration is inevitable.

          • Yes, I have heard of your podcast before. The metric system they use still doesn’t even list my site but we still got approved. I’ve been going to E3 since ’95 and was also frustrated that my site got denied. It’s the biggest E3 since the first E3 and might even blow that one away. We all need to be there to cover the games. It’s a damn shame what they are doing, however I agree that it’s necessary to weed out all the sites just wanting in to get free games and such.

            PS., Put Dave on a leash. He’s got everyone saying negative things about your podcast.

          • I totally agree with you man, and we fight daily for it. We are all passionate here and felt this year was the year to go. I have been twice in my life, and never once when my site was as stable as it is now. I went in 99 for the Dreamcast, and again in 2002. It has been a long time, and this was the show to hit up.

            It stresses me out that they decline us, even though we are affiliated with a site as huge as N4G. It tells me they don’t go by numbers or quality, but by this crap metric sites alone.

            I know who you are, and respect your site, I just wish the same could be said about ours as we fight for that respect daily, and when denied we tend to feel the frustration hard.

          • Make a phone call.

          • Being a guy who has a site that barely made it into E3 the past two years, I might add that you should look into having your site listed on quantcast.com. I just checked it out and your site is not even on there for them to check your numbers.

          • Appreciate the note, didn’t even know that you had to register to be added to that site.

          • Ken didn’t say anything about HHG. I did. If you want to direct anything to anyone, I drect it towards me. I have been in this industry for a long time, and like I said on the show, I am not a jornalist. I never claimed to be one, and I’m nto starting now. I give my opinons on games the the industry. If people don’t like what I have to say, so be it.
            Even when I do get into my work here and get into the content I try to provide, I put my heart and soul into it. And I’m sure HHG does with his content as well. I just don’t agree with some of the ways he goes about providing his content. That’s it.

          • Ok everything I said was directed to YOU then!

          • Very well. I will listen to what you have to say. I have my opinion and you have your opinion. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. HHG is NOT the reason why E3 denied us. I know this.

  2. Hi Guys, I’m ignoring the passionate debate above/below me for now.
    Just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for producing this awesome podcast for so long. I’m a long time listener, but not really an active ‘internetee’, so I never comment or send questions. After 4 years I start to feel a bit guilty for free-riding all this time, so here I am, finally sending a ‘thank you’. Now I have the feeling I at least contribute a little to this small site.
    Keep up the great work!
    Greetings from The Netherlands/Holland/The Dutch

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