Free Wallpapers for February

Our friends over at have partnered with us to give away a stack of free wallpapers every month featuring some truly breathtaking artwork and gaming related goodness. For full access to multiple sizes including large screen resolution and even iPad and iPhone sizes you can register for an unlimited account, but for now enjoy these free goodies from your friends at and ZTGD.

Click here to download all 10 of the wallpapers you see below.

ZTGD Staff

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  • Rencontre

    What ! They’re not even 3D for some of them :| I’ve not really been into video games these late years but these wallpapers really make me want to buy a PS3 or something (or a PS4 when it is out). (by the way I actually find ZTGD to be a nice and streamlined site, which is quite rare when talking about consoles)