Life is Strange: Episode 4 – Dark Room (XB1) Review

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

First and foremost, no spoilers. In fact, I’m afraid to even talk about the story portions of this episode in fear that it may ruin it completely. So I will stick to just mechanics and my overall enjoyment of the episode.

So, while the game takes a drastic turn in the last episode, Max has a lot to do and think about. This leads into some of the more enjoyable puzzles so far in the series. Puzzles that actually had me thinking and evaluating the criteria and what was needed. It was a nice change of pace. Here, more than ever, I am faced with some of the most gut-wrenching, and emotional choices that actually made me evaluate my real thoughts on situations. I’m talking decisions that made me actually think while staring at the screen for five minutes. It was that powerful.


Platforms: XB1, PC, PS4, PS3, 360
MSRP: $4.99
Price I’d pay: $4.99

Many revelations come to pass in this episode and with each one, satisfying ending. While not everything is brought to light, in fact, many things have become even more mysterious, I came off this episode feeling some resolution.

Players that are invested in this series have nothing to worry about. The hits keep coming and the mysteries get even more complicated. Combine that with a cliffhanger that can really shock, and it makes for a pretty spectacular episode. If this is the way adventure games are headed, I am totally on board.


Without a doubt, people still on the fence about trying this series out, do yourself a favor and play it. While the dialog can still be iffy at times, the mouths really don’t match up with the spoken dialog, and texture pop in is rather harsh in some parts of this episode, the storytelling and relationships seen in Life is Strange are highly entertaining, very emotional, and thought provoking that I can not suggest it enough.

I know, this is not much of a review, but if I spoiled anything for any potential players, I have failed at my job as a reviewer. I firmly believe Life is Strange is an amazing series, and I stick by this statement. This episode kicks it into overdrive and now makes the next month and a half wait for the finale that much longer.

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  • Amazing storytelling
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Exciting choices and resolutions


  • Major texture pop-in in some parts
  • Still some iffy dialog


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