Risen 2: Dark Waters Free Booty Giveaway

Risen 2: Dark Waters Free Booty Giveaway

Arr land-lovers! I know you be wanting to get yer hands on my booty. Well today ZTGD is happy to bring you a chance to do just that, well maybe not that. No we are giving away three copies of Risen 2: Dark Waters from developer Piranha Bytes and publisher Deep Silver.

This pirate-themed action RPG scored very high from our very own Drew Leachman (you can read his full review here) and seriously; who doesn’t love collecting booty on the open seas?

All you have to do is follow @ZTGD on Twitter and tweet us your very best pirate names with the hashtag #ztgdrisen2booty. The three best will be chosen this week and entered in a final drawing. We will pick three winners who each will receive a code for the game on Steam.

Good luck to all, cannot wait to see some of these names.

Typical rules apply. No member of ZTGD is allowed to enter. Only one entry per person. Games provided are Steam codes, not physical copies. For all other info please read our Privacy Policy.

Ken McKown
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