Dead or Alive 5 Great Bikini Giveaway

Dead or Alive 5 Great Bikini Giveaway

This contest has expired, thanks to all those that played. We will have more codes and giveaways coming soon!

Summer may be gone, but we have just the thing to warm you up during these cold days of October. We have teamed up with Tecmo and Team Ninja to give our readers a chance to win DLC codes for all of the exclusive bikini costumes for Dead or Alive 5. These are the packs that were included in the collector’s edition of the game, as well as the pre-order angel/devil packs for pre-orders.

Enough with the semantics, let’s get down to the brass tax, what do YOU have to do to win these beauties? Well it is simple, follow the amazingly talented Team NINJA on Twitter, as well as ZTGD and tell us who your favorite Dead or Alive character is with the hashtag #ZTGDDOA. Simple as that. We will be selecting winners at random, and even tossing out codes in the wild at random times. It is a DoA giveaway bonanza.

We have codes for PS3 and 360 so stay tuned to our Twitter and be sure to tweet us your entries. Here is a small sampling of the goodies in store for you.

Costume Screenshots

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