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Nexuiz Review

I am a little young to remember the “good old days” of online shooters. Quake and Unreal Tournament are names that get thrown around because of nostalgia. People loved these…


FIFA Soccer Review

No handheld launch would be complete without at least one solid sports title. For Vita, it seems only fitting that the best-selling sports game around the globe launch with the most powerful handheld.


Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review

Since it blasted its way on to the market on the PSP, Lumines has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. With its slick visuals, throbbing techno beats, and hypnotic puzzle action…


Rayman Origins Review

One of the most critically praised 2D platformers of the generation makes its debut on Sony’s new handheld with the Vita release of Rayman Origins. Ubisoft’s 2D painting-come-to-life leaps…


Twisted Metal Review

Before PlayStation was a household name, I can remember the original system launch; walking into a store shortly after the PSOne hit shelves and seeing a game with a demented clown…


Asphalt: Injection Review

With Ridge Racer being delayed in the U.S. (probably due to the poor reception it received in the East), there hasn’t been a better time for another racer to fill its shoes and claim the crown…


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

Alan Wake was a game that, before its release in 2010, I figured I would never play. It’s not because I wasn’t very interested in the premise, but because I figured it would go the way of Duke…