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There are plenty of ways to contact us, but if you have a specific request refer below. Also enjoy our staff pictures and general information.

Public Relations
If you would like to send us screenshots, videos or just info about your games please send an email to press(at)ztgd(dot)com. This is also the place to contact if you would like us to review your products.

If you have other inquiries please feel free to contact any of us individually.

Ken “ZeroTolerance” McKown

Position: Editor-in-Chief
Twitter: @ZTGD

Drew “Frustrated Fury” Leachman

Position: Community Manager/Review Crew
Twitter: @DMLFury

Jae “Slade” Lee

Position: Review Crew
Twitter: @BatousaiJ

Justin “SlasherJPC” Celani

Position: Review Crew

Sophie Halliday

Position: Review Crew
Twitter: @smhalliday

John “Dubya” Whitehouse
Laura “The Oreo” Cawley
Justin “KillerWolverine” Testa
Jason “Gambus Kahn” Gambrel
Ryan “The Wombat” Wombold
Dave “boxdp” Payerle

Past Contributors
Cathlin “Catastrophe” Sentz
Michael “PaladinXII” Futter
Terrence “Professor Chaos” Johnson
Kelsey Rinella
Donnie Houf
Jeff “Scorched Angel” Borsick
Amanda Johnston
Greg “Odion” Baron
Karla “Sanosuke” Gumm
Zac “Conan Librarian” Harrison
Jens Rushing
Marissa Meli
Richard Clark
Preston Bernstein
Josh “Carnage” Blackie
Joey “Joey Guacamole” Sinicki
Gillian “Green Mitama” Tetreau
Dave “DeadSystem” Jones
Axtuse Grimfist
Kitchen Pyro
Trippy Liquid
That Andy Guy
Matt Quinn

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