Child of Light Review

Jae Lee

Go out and spread the light with all your might!

Woe was I without a great adventure to conquer.
Along came Child of Light with the answer.

The visions of the modern age are filled with dread.
To play another shooter that is beige, I’d rather be dead.

Do not cry little one, the day is yet to be won.

The colors dance in delight like a sunrise.
Child of Light is a treat for the eyes.

MSRP: $14.99
Platforms: PC, XOne, X360, PS3, PS4
Multiplayer: N/A
Demo Availability: Yes
Length: 6-9 hours.

Soaring through the skies with much to explore.
It is anything but a bore.

Take up the sword and take my word.
Don’t be absurd, the combat is no dullard.

From the classic Grandia it hails.
There’s no way it fails.

One must be patient and precise.
If they are to confront and live to reach paradise.

Oh sweet the melody that flows.
Of heartbreak and sorrow it sows.

My fellow you shall follow through the willow and land the final blow.

There’s no denying.
The PS3 is dying.

When the action came to a crawl.
I wished I had a PC install.

What great tragedy we must endure.
On the hasty road to be the saviour.

The journey was bountiful.
Too bad the end is pitiful.

For the price of a lunch and dessert.
You can own this great effort.

I wholeheartedly recommend.
So spend!
Don’t follow the trend.
Trust me, I’m your friend.

Fun Tidbit – There is a New Game + option that carries over your progress and makes the enemies tougher and give more exp.

Review copy of game provided by publisher. Primary play on PlayStation 3.


  • Vibrant art style with a lot of charm
  • Beautiful soundtrack
  • Combat engine that borrows from one of the best


  • Anticlimactic end sequence
  • Slow-downs


Jae Lee

Jae has been a gamer ever since he got a Nintendo when he was just a child. He has a passion for games and enjoys writing. While he worries about the direction gaming as a medium might be headed, he’s too busy playing games to do anything about it.

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