Blues and Bullets – Episode 1 (XB1) Impressions


Blues and Bullets has a very interesting premise and setting. Players take on the role of Elliot Ness. People may have heard of him. He was a real life agent that took down many notorious gangsters back in the day. If you’ve ever seen The Untouchables, you’ve heard of him. The difference is, Blues and Bullets has a very different take on the actual events so much that this is an alternate timeline where Al Capone actually got out of prison, the Hindenburg incident never happened, and multiple other things that kept me invested throughout the first episode.

As a story driven game, Blues and Bullets puts Elliot as an owner of a diner years after his take down of Capone. He’s called back into detective work when children start to go missing and begins his investigation into the disappearances.


Much like the Telltale games that have released in recent years, Blues and Bullets is all about choices with very little action. There are a few instances where a “Time Crisis” action sequence would occur where I would have to pop in and out of cover to fire off a few rounds at enemies, but this is a short part of the game. Investigations, choices, and a few quick time events are where most of the gameplay lies. There was even a full on murder scene I had to investigate and put together all the clues to picture how it took place. It was handled very nicely.

What stood out the most to me was the art style. The game is in black and white with only red being the color players see – much like Sin City. The noir style of storytelling and imagery was top-notch, and while the animations were a bit flat in some aspects, I really loved the look of everything.

There was a lot of intrigue both in what this world is and what is actually going on with these missing children. After the cliffhanger that episode one left me with, I really need to see where this is going to go. Players looking for something to try out now that Life is Strange is almost done should really take a look at Blues and Bullets. While this isn’t my full review, I do highly recommend it to adventure players looking for something a bit different.

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