Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 3: New World Order (XB1) Review

Ken McKown

Cat scratch fever.

So far Telltale’s Batman series has had its ups and downs. The first episode felt long and required too much setup. The second episode breezed by, but left me intrigued by what was going to unfold. Now the third episode has arrived, and while the ending unveils the shocking twist I was hoping for, I am not quite sure how I feel about it.

This iteration of the classic tale of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego has not been shy about changing the lore we have all come to know and love. Re-working characters to be something we don’t expect, and frankly being such a huge Batman fan, I have had mixed feelings about it.


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The third episode takes that to a whole new level by unmasking the main villain right at the end, which makes me super excited about the penultimate chapter, but also a bit concerned.

I am not going to go into specifics – these games thrive on their narrative, and breaking down the plot details here would do it a disservice. If you are a fan of Batman in general, this is certainly worth a look. However, this third chapter paints some weird and, at times, awkward pictures of our beloved characters.

The episode also ends…well at least I thought it did before divulging into an awkward romantic sequence that just feels fan service-y in all the wrong ways. With Telltale’s stiff animations it is also extremely hard to watch.


The technical issues are still here, but again it seems Telltale is actually working to improve them with each episode. Combat still flows smoothly, but calm sequences oftentimes result in weird animations and glitches. It is shocking this engine is still this bad after all these years.

Still this episode does a good job of progressing what has already happened, and what is about to occur. I am invested at this point, I have to know how it unfolds, but the wait for the fourth entry is not as painful.

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Interest in next episode: Moderate

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