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N4G Radio 06/26/2017

This week the skeleton crew talks about some older games after getting all the E3 hype.

Phoenix Down 59.1 – Earthbound

We gain some party members and help out a crappy band get out of debt...twice.

N4G Radio E3 2017 Impressions Show

The show is over so the boys sit down to discuss everything that was shown and announced.

Phoenix Down 59.0 – Earthbound

We begin our strange adventure with talking bees, fighting cops, and beating up burglars.

N4G Radio 06/12/2017

This week the crew tries to sound relevant during E3 with discussions on EA and Xbox.

Phoenix Down 58.1 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

We end this series gravely wounded and taking on Deathshead's compound.

N4G Radio E3 2017 Predictions Show

The annual predictions show is here, find out exactly what the crew will be wrong about this year.

N4G Radio 05/29/2017

This week the crew relives some great memories, loot box algorithms, and more.

N4G Radio 05/22/2017

This week super hero fighting, plenty of Wang, and mimic hunting.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #22

We talk about The Witcher III, Overwatch, and nostalgic memories of us playing games.

Phoenix Down 58.0 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

We shoot a ton of Nazis and end up in an alternate 1960.

N4G Radio 05/08/2017

This week has rat simulation, bad British jokes, and some E3 preview predictions.

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