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N4G Radio 10/24/2016

This week is all about Nintendo Switch, World War 1, and stressful dungeons.

Phoenix Down 52.1 – Eternal Darkness

The guys talk madness and combat woes in this episode.

N4G Radio 10/17/2016

This week the team talks about the world being flat, blowing up the moon, and of course Wang.

N4G Radio 10/10/2016

This week the guys have taken on a role in the Mafia, fought the Swarm, and Colorful Mario.

Phoenix Down 52.0 – Eternal Darkness

The crew begin their decent into madness as the darkness comes.

Phoenix Down 51.4 – Rogue Galaxy

The crew goes from pirates to heroes in this finale.

N4G Radio 09/26/2016

Fall is officially in swing, and the boys kick it off with rogeulike toys, mysteries without text, and FMV games.

Phoenix Down 51.3 – Rogue Galaxy

Jaster and company finally get the three key pieces and revelations begin to surface.

N4G Radio 09/19/2016

This week the boys reminisce about 80s TV shows, battle it out as Vikings, and the legacy of Frank West.

Phoenix Down 51.2 – Rogue Galaxy

Jaster takes on mobsters, finds tablets, and looks for some keys.

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