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N4G Radio 04/25/2016

A long show this week featuring new PlayStations, anthropomorphic animals, and of course more burgers.

Thunder in a Pair ‘O Dice – Episode 5.0

The party continues their first boss fight and finds some pretty amazing loot along the way.

Game Chat – Stories: The Path of Destinies

Ken and Drew play the classic choose your own adventure.

Game Chat – Dark Souls III

Ken chats with Justin about the latest Souls game.

Game Chat – Killer Instinct Season 3

Ken and Drew throw down with Rash and Kim Wu.

N4G Radio 04/18/2016

It is beta season, also the boys wax poetic about all the burgers, and being a "Souls" guy.

Game Chat – Resident Evil 6

Ken and Drew forget what they are doing while playing Resident Evil 6.

N4G Radio 04/11/2016

This week is all about Transformers conventions, filthy casuals, and how magnets work.

Game Chat – Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

Ken and Drew break down the latest Final Fantasy XV demo.

Phoenix Down 49.0 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The boys return to the Faelands.

N4G Radio 04/04/2016

Lots of games to discuss this week and a heated conversation about incremental console upgrades.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #17

A break in the action to discuss the next game, Telltale Games, and what the boys are currently playing.

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