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N4G Radio 08/21/2017

There are a ton of games to discuss this week as Gamescom begins.

Phoenix Down 61.2 – Ready Player One

Wade makes it to the end of the game but does he finally find what he's been searching for?

N4G Radio 08/14/2017

This week the guys discuss virtual reality, building space colonies, and voices in their heads.

Phoenix Down 61.1 – Ready Player One

Wade gets his hands on not one key, but two in this episode.

N4G Radio 08/07/2017

This week the staff discusses ketchup vs. mayo, Minecraft crossplay, and much more.

Phoenix Down 61.0 – Ready Player One

We fall into the shoes of Wade Watts as he goes hunting for the ultimate Easter egg.

N4G Radio 07/31/2017

This week the guys discuss Nintendo online, cross-platform play, and much more.

Phoenix Down 60.0 – To The Moon

We have some touching moments and get into some deep conversions with this story driven game.

N4G Radio 07/24/2017

This week Drew hosts while the guys talk about the Destiny 2 beta and playing with wrasslers.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #23: Tournament of Winners

This week Drew and Matt welcome a team of eSports players to discuss the scene and much more.

N4G Radio 07/17/2017

This week the guys discuss some hot new and upcoming games, more backlog blues, and much more.

N4G Radio 07/10/2017

This week the lineup might be small, but the discussions are massive as the guys talk Castlevania, demon negotiation, and more.

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