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Phoenix Down 63.2 – Danganronpa V3

We get some answers and even more questions. And what is going on in the outside world?

N4G Radio 10/16/2017

The big games are pouring in as the team dominates orcs, dives into evil, and take turns farting.

Phoenix Down 63.1 – Danganronpa V3

We got a double homicide this week and we revise our theories yet again.

N4G Radio 10/09/2017

The Fall rush is upon us as the guys discuss loot boxes, galactic war, and digging holes.

Phoenix Down 63.0 – Danganronpa V3

We begin yet another killing game with the latest Danganronpa story.

N4G Radio 10/02/2017

This week the crew talks 1930s cartoons, hat-throwing plumbers, and turn-based RPGs.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #24

We discuss horror games and figure out what our late Halloween game will be.

N4G Radio 09/25/2017

This week the crew talks car simulation, classic cheat devices, and classic game consoles.

Phoenix Down 62.2 – Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

We take on the Dark Star...multiple times in this series finale.

N4G Radio 09/18/2017

This week the crew raids dragon spheres and discusses some deep dark secrets.

N4G Radio 09/11/2017

This week the guys emote like crazy, take turns with Mario, and platform with Knack.

Phoenix Down 62.1 – Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

A shorter episode, but we finally get out of Bowser's body, but have to go right back in.

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