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N4G Radio 05/22/2017

This week super hero fighting, plenty of Wang, and mimic hunting.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #22

We talk about The Witcher III, Overwatch, and nostalgic memories of us playing games.

Phoenix Down 58.0 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

We shoot a ton of Nazis and end up in an alternate 1960.

N4G Radio 05/08/2017

This week has rat simulation, bad British jokes, and some E3 preview predictions.

Phoenix Down 12.8 – Xenogears

We finally bury the hatchet on this legendary series.

N4G Radio 05/01/2017

This week the guys talk about ghost snipers, plenty of Blizzard games, and tossing guys out of cars.

Phoenix Down 12.7 – Xenogears

We save Nisan, destroy the gates, and enter Solaris. Plus, a ton of revelations.

N4G Radio 04/24/2017

This week the debates continue, creepy childhood memories, and the A button.

Phoenix Down 57.2 – Last of Us

We bring this series to a close with our final thoughts on the finale of The Last of Us.

N4G Radio 04/10/2017

This week brings two strong debates, lots of Persona discussion, and the upcoming Xbox One iteration.

Phoenix Down 57.1 – Last of Us

We experience some dramatic moments and end on a cliffhanger.

N4G Radio 04/03/2017

The year of the game continues with cat burglars, top-down Vikings, and the yearly baseball discussion.

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