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Phoenix Down 54.0 – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Monokuma's deadly game begins again.

N4G Radio 12/05/2016

The boys cover two large events, two games ten years in the making, and one of the most awkward emails in the history of the show.

N4G Radio 11/28/2016

The holiday ends and the boys talk about beaks for days, the upcoming game awards, and predictions for PSX.

Phoenix Down 53.1 – Mass Effect

The guys take down Saren and hold the Reapers off...for now.

N4G Radio 11/21/2016

This Thanksgiving episode is all about catching Pokemans, dancing while cooking, and killing zombies.

Phoenix Down 53.0 – Mass Effect

Drew and John become the first human Specters.

N4G Radio 11/14/2016

The holiday rush is starting to slow down, but the crew has plenty to discuss including a new console.

Phoenix Down 52.2 – Eternal Darkness

The gang finally stops the Old Gods.

N4G Radio 11/07/2016

This week the guys talk about the year of shooters, eating meat, and moonshine shooting.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #20

A break in the action to discuss MMOs and horror movies.

N4G Radio 10/24/2016

This week is all about Nintendo Switch, World War 1, and stressful dungeons.

Phoenix Down 52.1 – Eternal Darkness

The guys talk madness and combat woes in this episode.

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