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N4G Radio 03/27/2017

This week the team discusses platforming chameleons, math equations, and space exploration.

Phoenix Down 56.2 – Mass Effect 3

The finale is here with all endings covered. Even the bad ones.

N4G Radio 03/20/2017

Another week, another massive game arrives as well as waifus, sneaky goblins, and hunting monsters.

N4G Radio 03/13/2017

This week Drew brings up the past, android butts and feelings, and of course more Zelda debate.

N4G Radio 03/06/2017

This week the boys play a game within a game, talk Hyrule travel, and find the definitive bro-shooter.

Phoenix Down 56.1 – Mass Effect 3

We gain more allies and take on more missions.

N4G Radio 02/27/2017

Nintendo's new machine is almost here and the guys break it down as well as first impressions of the new Zelda.

Phoenix Down 56.0 – Mass Effect 3

We struggle to both actually record and keep Earth from being destroyed in this episode.

N4G Radio 02/20/2017

This week the gang discusses shooting Nazis, clashing steel, and mechanical animals.

Phoenix Down 55.2 – Mass Effect 2

We push the Collectors back and hold off the Reaper invasion...for now.

N4G Radio 02/13/2017

This week real-time Halo, lung collapse simulator, and bloody warriors.

Phoenix Down – Intermission #21

We finish up the first Danganronpa series with a full discussion of the anime.

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