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Phoenix Down 65.1 – Dead Space 2

We meet another ally, and return to the USS Ishimura.

N4G Radio 12/11/2017

Another milestone in podcasting as the guys celebrate episode 500.

Phoenix Down 65.0 – Dead Space 2

We dismember some Necromorphs and get betrayed in this first episode.

N4G Radio 12/04/2017

The final countdown before 2017 ends has begun with discussion about plenty of games and more.

Phoenix Down 64.2 – Alan Wake

It's not a lake...it's an ocean.

N4G Radio 11/27/2017

This week the guys talk about turkey hangovers, remastered investigations, and more.

N4G Radio 11/20/2017

A shorter show this week as the guys prepare for the feast of games over the holiday.

Phoenix Down 64.1 – Alan Wake

We find out we're actually crazy then find out we're actually not.

N4G Radio 11/13/2017

This week is all about fighting Stormtroopers, lame street racing, and a new Xbox.

N4G Radio 11/06/2017

This week the guys discuss all of the big games including the return to World War II.

Phoenix Down 64.0 – Alan Wake

We fight our writer's block and the darkness in this episode.

N4G Radio 10/31/2017

The biggest releases of the year are here and the guys discuss all of them.

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