Karla Gumm

Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner

I confess. In our time of MMORPG Real Time Battle Get Pounded While You Choose Your Next Move RPGs, I’m a flaming old school turn based RPG lover. Mea...[Read More]

Metal Saga

Metal Saga, known as the Metal Max series in Japan, is the third in this popular franchise, and the first to be lovingly localized by Atlus for the US...[Read More]

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Put Star Ocean, Shadow Hearts, and Final Fantasy X in a bag, shake vigorously, out pops Magna Carta. Is this a bad thing? Read On- I followed the pres...[Read More]


Consider the purchase of your PS3 more than justified. You’ll notice from the moment you pop Little Big Planet into your PS3, the presentation o...[Read More]

LifeSigns: Surgical Unit

What do you get when you add a bit of Phoenix Wright, a dash of Scrubs, a generous helping of Trauma Center with a sprinkling of General Hospital? Spi...[Read More]

Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch

– A long time ago, a girl traveled around Tirasweel. Her silver hair shone even in the moonlight, and her eyes were as clear as a fountain. She ...[Read More]

Over the Hedge

My groan at the thought of reviewing a Movie to Game offering could be heard from here to the Mississippi. My experience is that most are thrown toget...[Read More]

Puchi Puchi Virus

Lately, the Nintendo DS has been subjected to a deluge of mediocre puzzle games, geared towards casual, Bejeweled-loving Pop-Cap game players. Essenti...[Read More]

Princess Debut

One of the wackiest fairytales you will ever witness. Get Down, Boogie Oogie Oogie! with one of several princes, or a 6ft rabbit named Tony who wears ...[Read More]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations

A video game featuring ethical Lawyers? Why, it must be from Japan, but is it worth your time? Read on: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, released as Gyak...[Read More]

Pet Alien: An Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza

GameFactory has published quite a few quality titles for the DS directed at younger players, such as Garfield’s Nightmare, Cartoon Network Racing, and...[Read More]

RPG Maker 3

RPG Maker 3 is the latest installment in Agetec’s well received series that allows all of the armchair RPGers in the world with a PS2 a chance to “hav...[Read More]

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