Michael Futter

Mike is the Reviews Editor and former Community Manager for this fine, digital establishment. You can find him crawling through dungeons, cruising the galaxy in the Normandy, and geeking it out around a gaming table.

Mostly Aliens: Colonial Marines Comes at Night… Mostly

I’m going to level with you. Most of the time, it’s very hard to write compelling previews of a game when we don’t actually get to lay hands on the controller. When I had the chance to watch a live, hands-off demo of Sega and Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, though, it was easy to get […]

Orcs Must Die 2 will Trap Your Interest

If you have played Orcs Must Die, or have simply read Ken’s review of the original, you know that it’s an addicting twist on the Tower Defense genre. Blending the stylings of a light-hearted dungeon romp with the creative trap kills of the Kagero series (the last entry of which was simply called Trapt in […]

Into the Heart of Darkness with Spec Ops: The Line (Hands On)

“So… why another military shooter?” You’d think that question might rankle a developer, but Cory Davis, Lead Designer of Spec Ops: The Line was actually eager to answer it. “We wanted to give gamers an unflinching look at what it’s like to be a soldier. It’s dark. It’s emotional,” Davis told me. “Other games give […]

Ain’t No Rest for Gearbox – Borderlands 2 Preview

Ain’t no rest for the wicked… These words have become synonymous with Gearbox’s epic first person shooter/RPG hybrid, and it seems, the studio that brought Duke Nukem back to life has taken them to heart. Borderlands 2 is coming and it’s everything you loved about the original and so very much more. I had the […]

XCOM: EU is the Alien Invasion You’ve Been Waiting For

Who knew that after all of these years that it would be Firaxis quietly infiltrating the minds, hearts and souls of PAX East 2012 attendees. Not only are they rolling out the most comprehensive (and exciting) expansion to Civilization V (Gods and Kings), but they have jumpstarted a series near and dear to the hearts […]

Drinkbox Bringing Luchador Laughs with Guacamelee (Hands On)

Somehow, we’re living again in the age of killer 2D platformers. Drinkbox is bringing their own version to the party with their new title, Guacamelee. Featuring an art style that evokes traditional Mexican culture with magical Luchador overtones, this new title is sure to delight fans of Metroidvania games, Guacamelee features Juan, a washed up […]

Klei’s New Ninja Game Hits the Mark (Hands On)

Going into PAX East 2012, there was a list of games that were on my “must see” list. Certainly, those all managed to meet my expectations. However, there was one game in particular that wasn’t anywhere on my radar, but managed to jump out from the shadows and stab me in the part of my […]

Max Payne 3 Aims to be Sophisticated and Cinematic (Hands On)

Oh, Max. It is darn good to have you back. Time… well… it hasn’t been kind. Addicted to booze and painkillers and down on your luck, you’ve got another chance to make things right. If only it were that easy. I had the opportunity to take the grizzled ex-cop through two different stages. First, we […]

Quantum Conundrum Will Play with Your Mind (Time… and Space)

Tucked away in the Square Enix media lounge was a demo for Quantum Conundrum, a new title from Kim Swift, one of the eight people on the original Portal team. The game is a light-hearted, physics-based puzzler that is set up to bend your mind, time and space this summer. In the trial version, I […]

Hitman Absolution Caters to the Assassin in You (Preview)

I had the opportunity to see a developer walkthrough of Hitman: Absolution here at PAX East, and the game is shaping up to be the most flexible and accessible entry in the series. The level we saw takes Agent 47 through an orphanage in pursuit of a young girl of unknown importance. Unfortunately, a thug […]

Jetpack Joyride Boldly Blasting Off with New Update (Hands On)

When I swung by the Halfbrick booth at PAX, I had the opportunity to get my hands on a big, upcoming update to iOS darling Jetpack Joyride. The simple to play/hard to master title is getting a big overhaul, giving new players a reason to jump in and returning players a chance to try something […]

Mortal Kombat Vita (Hands On)

The PlayStation Vita is quickly becoming a home for premiere fighting games of every color and creed. WB and Netherrealm aren’t going to let the opportunity for on-the-go fatalities. In my limited time with the game, I had the opportunity to take my main (Johnny Cage) through his paces. The controls are tight, and I […]

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