Kelsey Rinella

Kelsey is a well-versed individual who loves games that make him think. He mostly handles iOS titles but will also tackle anything that exercises his noggin.

Oh! Sheep Review

Kelsey handles sheep business, which is real business, in his latest review of this iOS title.

Devil’s Attorney Preview

Math-based courtroom combat at it's finest in our latest iOS preview. Get the details inside.

Follow the Rabbit Review

We review this lighthearted puzzle game for iOS and see if it really pays off to Follow the Rabbit.

Cyklus Review

This iOS puzzler presents some interesting ideas wrapped in some questionable game design.

Summoner Wars Review

This iOS interpretation really nails all the finer points. Read our full review inside.

Light the Night Review

Light up the night with this new iOS title now featuring less jet packs. Full review inside.

Globulous Review

It is sort of like Tetris on a sphere, yeah I made the same reference. Our full review.

Lumicon Review

A solid word puzzle game that creates frantic play sessions. Read our full review.

Fur and Feathers HD Review

This match 3 game looks great but fails to impress on multiple levels.

For a Bee, Even Dancing Is Work

When I was twelve, I met a guy who'd gotten a perfect score on his math SATs, and was flabbergasted to learn he was studying writing. Without consciou...[Read More]

Defenders of Ardania Review

As a casual player of Tower Defense (TD) and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games, I was very attracted to the first game I'd encountered which melded the t...[Read More]

Furmins Review

Physics-based puzzlers tend to bring me delight in one of two ways: either something unexpected and interesting happens, or the game gives players eno...[Read More]

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