Killzone 2

Sony’s heavy hitter comes out swinging for the fences. Did you know the equipment soldiers have to carry on the battlefield is heavy? No other g...[Read More]

Resident Evil 5

Capcom delivers another fantastic chapter in the Resident Evil universe. Classic horror series Resident Evil can only be reinvented so many times and ...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

The definition of how to do DLC. “The Almighty forgives, The Lost don’t.” A story of revenge, treachery, controversy, dirty politici...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Crime in the palm of your hand. The GTA series has always pushed the limit of what is possible on whatever system it’s on, and this outing is no...[Read More]

Halo Wars

Easily the greatest console RTS released to date. Commanding multiple units in the wide open battles native to the Halo series is a really good idea. ...[Read More]

Space Invaders Extreme

A classic re-invented. Space Invaders Extreme tries to take the old school gameplay of Space Invaders and re-invigorate it with new mechanics and othe...[Read More]


A clever take on the genre. Scribblenauts has some of the biggest aspirations of any game this year. The concept being “Write Anything, Solve Ev...[Read More]

BioShock 2

The return to Rapture is a surprisingly pleasant one. The first Bioshock is now considered a modern classic, one of those games that took everyone by ...[Read More]

Watchmen: The End is Nigh

As it turns out, we watch the Watchmen. Watchmen has been touted as the most celebrated graphic novel of all time, and while the videogame won’t...[Read More]

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