Reviewer Rodeo: Fan Service

Reviewer Rodeo: Fan Service

Welcome to the ZTGD Reviewer Rodeo. Each week, we’ll grab on to the hottest issue, hold on for dear life, and wrassle it to the ground.

Whether from television, comic books, or literature, every gamer has that one love that “would make a great game.” This week, the ZTGameDomain review crew shares their dreams for turning beloved properties into videogames.

John “Dubya” Whitehouse
I’m going to be the real geek here and have to say Firefly. I’m not sure how it would work, but anything that would take me back to that (Uni)verse would be a good thing. I would make it a 3rd person shooter, with some elements of space combat and exploration.

I am also a big fan of the writer Lee Child, who has written a series of action books featuring an ex USMP, who always finds himself in the thick of a dangerous situation and often uses his guile and fists to get his way out. I think that would make a pretty cool action character. The good thing about that is that there is a possibility a game of that franchise may see the light of day, as there are plans to turn one of his books in to a film (although, we all know how they normally fair!).

Derek “Punchfister” Deebag
Licensed games suck. It’s a rule.

Drew “Frustrated Fury” Leachman
Without a doubt, it would have to be The Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King. An open world game that featured Roland Deschain and his Ka-tet would be awesome. They could even make it 4-player co-op with his group, looking for the Dark Tower while running into the Man in Black and The Crimson King. The world, itself, is amazing. A post-post apocalyptic United States where the world had “moved on” and Gunslingers protected the citizens but were all killed off would translate great into video game form.

It would offer up some pretty amazing boss fights, as well. Fighting off the protector of the woods, Shardik (an ancient cyborg bear) and the Tic-Tock Man, leader of the Greys of Lud. It has the potential for an amazing series of games. Plus, I think it would introduce players to the fantastic books.

Michael “Red Pen of Doom” Futter
I couldn’t agree more with Drew. I love The Dark Tower series and find myself heartbroken that Universal has canceled all plans for the movies and TV show based on this amazing work. That project gave me hope for one or more games and, without it, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

I roll deep, though, and Drew beating me to the punch won’t prevent me from offering up my own suggestion. I love The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is a private investigator living in Chicago. He also happens to be a wizard. A game blending mystical combat with investigation segments, especially with the humor that Butcher infuses into the direst of circumstances, would be a great fit for a videogame adaptation.

Of course, if I were responding to this a month ago, I would be wishing for a Voltron game. Thankfully, after a quarter-century of waiting, we’re finally going to get to form the head.

That’s all for this edition of the ZTGD Reviewer Rodeo. Join us next week as we grab onto another bucking bronco of controversy and beat it into submission.

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