PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “T”

PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “T”

The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from past generations that are classics, overlooked gems, or just titles they remember fondly. The idea behind this is to pick five games from each letter of the alphabet, once a week to showcase. This delivers 26 weeks and 130 games to talk about. Hopefully it sparks some conversation, and of course plenty of memories.

Our first series will focus on Sony’s first entry into the console business, the PlayStation.

Let’s continue with the letter “T”.


Tekken 2

I spent a lot of time playing fighting games on the PSOne. There were just so many. One series defined that system though, and it was Tekken. Tekken 2 refined what made the original so good, plus it was stunning at the time. I spent hours unlocking all the secrets, and of course, those gorgeous CGI endings.


Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

I cut my teeth on the stealth genre on PSOne. Before even Metal Gear Solid though, I imported a title my friends were raving about called Tenchu. The idea of sneaking around as a ninja taking out enemies was as great as it sounds. Sadly the series has been dormant for years. I think it is time to bring it back!


Tomb Raider

Much like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider was an obsession for me in the PSOne days. I spent an entire weekend mastering the first game with a friend of mine. Seeking out every secret, memorizing every jump. It is great to see Lara still kicking almost two decades later.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The Tony Hawk series was an anomaly. Who knew a skateboarding game would be one of the best games of all-time? The second entry is still my favorite due to the added tricks and levels. The only omission that makes the original better is the song Superman by Goldfinger, which has become synonymous with the series.


Twisted Metal 2

No PSOne list is complete without the inclusion of Twisted Metal. A genre of its time, this series is still one of the best things to come out of the PSOne era. It also proves that some types of games only work in certain eras. Car combat will never be this good again.

Tune in next week for the next collection of titles.

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