PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “J”

PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “J”

The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from past generations that are classics, overlooked gems, or just titles they remember fondly. The idea behind this is to pick five games from each letter of the alphabet, once a week to showcase. This delivers 26 weeks and 130 games to talk about. Hopefully it sparks some conversation, and of course plenty of memories.

Our first series will focus on Sony’s first entry into the console business, the PlayStation.

Let’s continue with the letter “J”.


Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

Games with famous action stars don’t have the best track record. However this Radical Entertainment designed PSOne title broke the mold, and is actually really fun. Forget the fact that I am a huge Jackie Chan fan, this is just a solid beat ’em up title worth playing.


Jade Cocoon

Here is a game that time forgot. Sony needed an answer to Pokemon and Jade Cocoon was one of the solutions. This RPG had players capturing monsters and battling them, but aside from being a blatant knock-off, it was actually a really enjoyable title.


Jersey Devil

It can never be understated how popular character action games were on the PSOne. Jersey Devil is one of the most revered, and fans are still clamoring for a sequel. This first-party title didn’t get the recognition it deserved, but it should be experienced by anyone who enjoys the genre.


Jet Moto 2

Jet Moto and Twisted Metal are two of my favorite early franchises on the PSOne. I chose the sequel simply because it literally had every track from the first game available, as well as improved handling and better visuals. Though it is painful to look at today.


Jumping Flash

A first-person character action game with a robotic rabbit? Sign me up! Jumping Flash is an amazing series, and one I still remember fondly to this day. It received two sequels, only one of which made it to the US, but the original is still one of my favorite memories from the first year of PlayStation.

Tune in next week for the next collection of titles.

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