PAX Hands-On and Contest Details

PAX Hands-On and Contest Details

How far will you get?

Mobile games are not usually my first choice for entertainment. So when a close friend asked me to check out an upcoming project, I was more than skeptical. Once I downloaded PAX I figured I was in for five minutes of entertainment, then I got hooked on getting higher and higher scores. This simple experience delivers that quick reflex obsession and high-score chasing mentality of classic arcade games. The only question left now is, how far will you get?

PAX is a simple puzzle game that has users guiding their pilot through a procedurally generated sequence of shapes. Hitting them causes players to lose a life. The idea is to see how far I could get without dying. There are warp power-ups that make the ship invisible, as well as extra lives. The blaring techno music keeps the intensity maxed out, and jumping back in takes seconds. All the ingredients for a quick fix.

Simplicity is the name of the game, and boosting my high score kept me coming back for more. The game is free to download on both iOS and Google Play, so anyone can join in the fun.

The game does have ads to generate revenue for the team, and they have decided to open up sales by donating 5% of their incoming to the “Super-Selma Project”, a cancer charity based out of Norway designed to give children with cancer a special day.

This gives me two reasons to recommend this addictive puzzler. It is free, and benefits a good cause, so spread the word and also be sure to enter the contest below sponsored by N4G to promote the game. It is free so give it a try, then share your top scores to Facebook and see just how far you can make it.

Click here to enter the contest.

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