Kickstart Your Summer With Game Music

Kickstart Your Summer With Game Music

We’ve seen all sorts of Kickstarter projects since Tim Schafer and Double Fine introduced the concept to the majority of gamers. Recently, Nubuwo, a website devoded to music from and inspired by video games, successfully campaigned to fund a two-disc original soundtrack for the flash game Rokko Chan. The Kickstarter was a success by raising over $11,000 out of their $8,000 goal with 300 backers. It came down to the last few days, but music fans from all over backed and supported the cause.

One perk was the new Nubuwo Summer Bundle, and it is a doozy. It features over one hundred tracks spanning 12 albums that range from chiptunes to full on band performances.

Metroid Metal has some amazing hard rock tracks featuring, of course, Metroid songs from both new and old Metroid games.

Mutherpluckin’ B comes up with some very interesting songs in tribute to games from the NES from Mario to Mega Man.

The full Rokko Chan soundtrack is here along with some arrangements and chiptunes for some of the game’s songs, all in very familiar Mega Man fashion.

The complete original soundtrack to Splatterhouse is also here. I’m talking every song in the game. It’s a lot of tracks just for the heavy metal fans out there. There’s even special songs by various artists on this one.

The newly released game, Closure, offers up its soundtrack as well. It ranges from industrial songs to deep piano themed songs with ambiant sounds and backgrounds.

Sanosa by Omodaka is a unique album that is almost all over the place. With some catchy tunes, even though I don’t understand the lyrics, any fan of Japanese music will enjoy it.

One of my favorites is the Super Meat Boy Choice Piano Cuts. They take some of the best SMB songs and play them all by piano. It is almost the reverse of the game. Calming and mellow.

Black Materia by Mega Ran is a full on hip-hop album using Final Fantasy VII music(and one Final Fantasy VIII track) to re-tell the story of Final Fantasy VII. I’m not kidding, and it is awesome.

Now, I know I can go on and on all day about video game music. I’m a big fan of them all. Honestly, if you can get your hands on these albums, you really need to. Nubuwo has done a fantastic job with this arrangment, and some of the proceeds from the Kickstarter went to help out these small musical artists to create new and original music. Although the Kickstarter is finished and sucessful, you can still grab these albums if any of them strike a chord with you. If you enjoy video game music or music inspired by video games, you should really check out their site, and get your hands on the albums featured.

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