Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed (PS4) Review

Ken McKown

A whirlwind of undergarments.

Akiba’s Trip was released on the PS Vita just a few months back. We reviewed it, and while the technical issues were a large concern, the limited scope and mundane game play were the biggest offenders. Now XSeed Games and Acquire are bringing it to PS4, with a host of improvements and a large package of DLC. While a lot of the core issues are remedied, Undead and Undressed still feels underwhelming in almost every area. The unique concept still falls flat, and the new additions don’t make up for the rest of the game’s problems.

Akiba’s Trip follows Nanashi (at least that is his default name), a guy obsessed with figurines. He applies for a job testing experimental drugs, only to somehow become a vampire. He is saved during the process by a strange girl, and then fed her blood, somehow altering him yet still letting him retain his powers. From there he decides to help stop the infestation of these creatures by doing the only logical thing he knows to do: strip them of their clothes.

Yes, that says “Canan”.

MSRP: $49.99
Platforms: PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Price I’d Pay: $19.99
Multiplayer: Stream interaction

This is done through an entirely mediocre combat engine. Each button coincides with an area on the character, head, torso, and bottom. Hitting each area so much weakens it, after which I could hold down the button to enter a mashing game to strip their clothes. As ludicrous as the concept is, it would be fine if the game played decently. Sadly, the stiff movement and finicky lock-on mechanic just doesn’t feel right.

The game borrows its locale from the famed Japanese destination Akihabara. This is the equivalent of nerd Heaven, consisting of anime, game and electronics stores. The world in Akiba’s Trip though is limited. The streets are barren and the areas are broken off by load times, making them all feel like small sections as opposed to one big city. It’s jarring, and completely kills the sense of scale.

Technical issues from the previous versions have also been cleaned up. For starters the frame rate no longer dips down often, making combat more bearable, and the general look and feel of the game are much smoother. The loading times have also been drastically decreased, making transitions between areas much better.

The PS4 version also contains all of the DLC released up to this point, making it a well-inflated package. However, the biggest addition is the new Toy Box mode. This mode allows players access to everything the game has to offer, including items, visual filters and costumes, without having the play the game. It disables Trophies, so anyone who loves Sony’s little awards will be disappointed. This mode is infinitely more enjoyable though, as a lot of this stuff would be a grind to obtain.

I know panty-fu.

Probably the weirdest feature for the PS4 version though is the streaming interaction. Players can tap the Share button to broadcast their game play, then viewers can interact with the game by typing in commands for things to happen. This sounds like a normal affair, until we dissect the commands. Pantydrop causes the nearest female to lose their underwear. Pantyjump causes any garments left on the ground to float around the world. Finally, the best one, Pantynado creates…well a whirlwind of panties around the character. Yes it is weird. Yes it is disturbing, but man these streams are certainly entertaining.

Akiba’s Trip is a weird game. Bringing it to the PS4 didn’t change that, in fact it just made it more peculiar. There is certainly an audience for this type of brawler, but it is a niche one for sure. If Pantynado sounds appealing to you, this game might be in your wheelhouse. Otherwise I would steer clear of its mediocre combat, and limited world to explore.

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  • Toy Box Mode
  • Humor


  • Clunky combat
  • Narrow city
  • Story is ridiculous


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